The new identity of tsa focused on being more informative and friendly to the general public. The bubbled logo means the start of a conversation, answers, and questions. I created this new identity so tsa can become a more approachable government agency, these secondary marks separate tsa into different departments to minimize confusions for the public. I created a new system for tsa to stores restricted items for the customers at the tsa lockers instead of having to throw them away. X-ray imageries were used to create a more transparent view for the public to see what the tsa agents are checking while items  go through the X-ray machine. Also, the installation wall will be placed across the airports to let the travelers interact with the wall while it reminds the travelers to check their bag before going to the security checkpoint and giving them the option to head to tsa locker if they have any restricted items.
Department Badges:
Hint/Information Cards for Customers:
Name Badges:
Spatial Design:
Interaction Wall:
This is a prototype of an installation wall. It is set to remind you to check if there is anything not allowed that you are bringing over to the security check point. Also, depends on your interaction with the wall, it will be serve as a way-finding device to lead you to tsa locker, where you can store the restricted items, and come back to retrieve them when you come back from your traveling destination.
Interaction Wall Storyboard:
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