Intent to surpass hopelessness, and to create life through death.

The birth of a star results in the conception of a sentient and self aware being. This being is thrown into an unknown and isolated state in which struggle ensues. Through the journey, attraction towards an elusive light draws the antagonist into pursuit--only for the light to attack it, changing the character into a star as the being dies--thus completing the life cycle of “the white dwarf”. Existentialism is a major theme as the futility of worldy achievement is emphasized as well as an element of some paradoxical echo of Nietzsche’s “ubermensch”, or “overman”, or “superman”--a concept that explores personal enlightenment through a master-slave irony, where power is achieved through submission and transfiguration can only occur through full acceptance of environmental tides--which will result only through a death.

Team White Dwarf:
Joyce Ha
Caroline Marks
Daniel Lee
Michael Lee
Orion Traulle
Early Storyboards:
Final Storyboard:
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